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Spine Tumor Center

Integrated treatment and advanced medical care by the best medical professionals

At the Spine Tumor Center, spinal tumors in the spine and spinal cord are diagnosed and treated.  Spinal tumors are largely divided into primary tumors (originating in the spine and spinal cord) and metastatic tumors (originating in other organs and spreading to the spine and spinal cord).

Primary tumor surgeries, especially intradural tumor surgery, require considerable skills, depending to the location of the lesion, since there is a risk of nerve damage. In this center, surgery is performed by top-class spinal surgeons (orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeons), and intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring is actively used by medical professionals from the Neurology Department and Rehabilitation Medicine Department during surgery.

In case of metastatic or malignant tumors, chemotherapy or radiation therapy should be considered in addition to surgical treatment. In our center, the Radiology Department, the Hemato-oncology Department, the Radiation Oncology Department, the Neurosurgery Department, the Orthopedic Surgery Department, and the Neurology Department work together to determine the best treatment strategy for patients. That is our most important goal. We also provide optimal rehabilitation treatment to improve patients’ quality of life and help them quickly return to their daily lives after treatment.

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