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Liver Cancer Center

Best Medical Staff and Integrated Medical Care

The Liver Cancer Center of Seoul National University Cancer Hospital (SNUCH) provides quick diagnosis of liver cancer and the best-personalized treatment through a multidisciplinary collaborative medical system that includes digestive medicine, hepatopathic pancreatic surgery, radiology, radio oncology, oncology, and pathology. The center brings its diverse professionals together by holding an X-ray conference every Tuesday and Thursday, a liver resection meeting every Wednesday, and an open discussion between all liver cancer teams in the radiology conference room on the first-floor on the third Monday of each month. Thanks to this multidisciplinary approach, the number of patients in the liver cancer center has been steadily increasing.

World-class Research-driven Hospital

Liver cancer is known to have a recurrence rate of 70% even if cancer cells are removed using a curative treatment such as surgery. We were the first in the world to successfully prevent a recurrence using immune cells (cytokines-induced killer cells, CIK cells) which detect and remove cancer cells only in a multi-center phase III clinical trial, and developed a customized cell therapy that was published in the most prestigious journal in the field, ‘Gastroenterology.’ Our clinical trials of another immunotherapy using dendritic cell vaccine were reported in the British Journal of Cancer. Studies conducted at the Liver Cancer Center have been published in the world’s best journals, including ‘Annals of Surgery,’ ‘Journal of Hepatology (European Hepatology),’ ‘Hepatology (American Liver Society)’ and ‘Gut (British Society of Digestive Medicine).’ The Liver Cancer Center at SNUCH has been conducting leading liver cancer research and applying it to care for patients. We are continuing to ensure that the liver cancer patients who visit us receive the best treatment.

Reliable Medical Staff and Standardized Cutting-edge Treatment

The Liver Cancer Center at SNUCH developed the first Korean-made hepatitis B vaccine, and has been leading the prevention of hepatitis B, a primary cause of liver cancer. We are improving the treatment rate through a range of approaches, including medication, surgical treatment, transarterial chemoembolization, transarterial radioembolization, percutaneous ethanol injection therapy, radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation, and external beam radiation therapy. Since performing the first successful liver transplant in Korea in 1988, we have been leading in the area of liver transplantation, such as split liver transplantation and non-heart-beating donor liver transplantation. In addition, since performing our first pure laparoscopic donor hepatectomy in 2015, we became the first in the world to reach 100 cases in 2017, the first in the world to reach 200 cases in 2018, and the first in the world to reach 300 cases in 2019, and continue to set world records. Our success rate for adult liver transplantation is 99%, and the 5-year survival rate is 85.8%, the world’s highest. By 2018, our cumulative number of liver transplantation cases exceeded 2,000, showing the best performance (donor mortality rate of 0%).

Patient-friendly and Personalized Care System

Since the Liver Cancer Center was established at the same time as SNUCH, patient convenience has been greatly improved by providing same-day tests (blood test, endoscopy, imaging, etc.) and same-day hospitalization. In addition, we have established a liver center to provide specialized treatments for patients with liver disease, and operate a Liver Intensive Care Unit (LICU) under the Liver Cancer Center with dedicated medical staff and nursing staff to care for severe liver patients.

Liver cancer conference for multidisciplinary treatment/approach

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