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Rehabilitation Medicine

The Rehabilitation Medicine field analyzes and treats physically disabled people with the main objective of developing their physical, mental, and social abilities to their maximum potential and creating opportunities for them to enjoy living their life to its fullest. 

 The Department is briskly carrying out specialized medical services and research into a variety of fields from stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, pain, orthosis and prosthesis, electrodiagnostic medicine, pediatric rehabilitation, biomechanics and kinetics, etc. 

 Our service is largely divided into the outpatient and hospitalized portions, and its treatment facilities are physical therapy gymnasium, modality, hydrotherapy, and occupational therapy, etc. We also have other facilities for special treatments such as vojta, bobath, brace clinic, and osteoarthritic clinic, etc. Furthermore, accurate diagnoses and analyses are being carried out in the EMG laboratory, gait & motion analysis laboratory, biodex (isokinetic power measure) room, and videofluoroscopic laboratory, etc. In terms of research projects, studies on cerebral apoplexy and braces are under way, and studies on such curative conditions as arthritis and spasticity, etc. are progressing vigorously.


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