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The pharmacy department trusted by customers, with world's leading pharmaceutical services 


1. Pharmacy department approaching customers with the adaptive services

 2. Pharmacy department producing global leader who will lead the development of pharmacy

 3. Pharmacy department respecting each other in the best work environment

 4. Pharmacy department practicing love for humanity through various volunteer activities 


The pharmacy department dispenses prescriptions and educates adult/pediatric outpatients and inpatients on medicine. The pharmacy department also provides specialized pharmaceutical services such as chemotherapeutic & IV-admixture preparations, TPN preparations, provision of drug information, production of hospital formulary, TPN consultation, clinical pharmacokinetics consultation and pharmacotherapeutics consultation. The pharmacy department pursues optimum selection of medicines, effective management of drug master and adequate supply of drugs, and makes the quality control studies of using drugs and the clinical pharmacology studies. The staff training for the development of pharmaceutical services, education house officers since 1983, education domestic and foreign pharmacy students/pharmacists are provided in the pharmacy department.

 * Administration and Education section of Pharmacy :

   Tel) 02-2072-2337, 2872

   Fax) 02-766-1443

 * Website : Pharmacy Department in Seoul National University Hospital 


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