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Vision of the Department of Nursing 

Professional and customer-oriented nursing care leading the world as well as the future 

 Mission of the Department of Nursing 

- Execution of Nursing Service Driven by Love for Customers 

 Recipients of nursing care are humans, a combination of physical, mental, and social characteristics, and that��s why ultimate preservation of human dignity and humanity becomes an essential part of nursing care. 

 In a belief that nursing acts as an overall process to protect and promote humanity through love and care for people based upon humanist philosophy, the Department of Nursing practices love for patients, staff, citizens, and mankind under the banner of love for customers. 

- Fulfillment of Professional Nursing

 In response to rapid social transition coupled with diverse breakthroughs in knowledge and technology, nursing is required to maintain advanced expertise and originality with future orientation. With the aim of meeting the demands of the times and the society, the Department of Nursing raises nursing productivity, cultivates competitive and informed nurses, nurtures core talents, and fosters spontaneous self-development to achieve specialized nursing pursuant to a nursing theory focusing on nursing expert.

- Development of Nursing Practice

 Nursing practice plays a pivotal role in offering nursing care for humans because it can provide direct service for people to maintain, improve, and recover their health. 

 Accordingly, the Department of Nursing undertakes standardization of nursing practice, improvement of nursing quality, and reinforcement of clinical studies as part of efforts to encourage the development of nursing practice supported by scientific evidence. 

Objective of the Department of Nursing 
- Organizational development through quality nursing service towards love for customer
 1) Maintains an organizational structure to satisfy physical, emotional, and spiritual demands of patients.
 2) Allocates accurate accountability for duties by specific organization and section.
 3) Takes a team-based approach to nursing care for the sick.
 4) Develops a patient classification system depending on specific nursing demands.

- Better nursing productivity through efficient personnel management
 1) Operates a reasonable employment plan on a consistent basis. 
 2) Deploys an appropriate number of nursing staffs to the right posts.
 3) Operates a competence cultivation scheme for staffs on a consistent basis. 
 4) Conducts personnel evaluations on a periodical basis. 
 5) Implements personnel promotion depending on their capability and future plan.

- Professional nursing through development of educational plans
 Offers preliminary education, OJT, cultural education, supplementary education, and personnel development education to nurture competitive nurses with expertise, cultivate core talents, and boost spontaneous self-development among staffs.

- Creation of development strategies for nursing practice
 1) Seeks ways to improve nursing service for the sick through ongoing clinical studies. 
 2) Enhances overall nursing care through continuous improvement of nursing quality. 
 3) Attains development of nursing practice through ongoing standardization reflecting up-to-date information. 


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