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Nuclear Medicine

The Department of Nuclear Medicine was inaugurated on May 30th, 1960 for the medical application of radioactive isotopes. Now, it consists of in vivo imaging, in vitro laboratory, pediatric imaging, PET center, and administrative office. In the department, more than 100 employees including 8 professors, 7 research professors, 3 clinical fellows, 16 residents, 2 nurses, 1 pharmacist, and more than 50 health technicians, work together. Under the following spirits; ‘Harmonization and Co-operation’, ‘Innovation and Challenge’ and ‘Global Leadership’, we do our best to improve health care. By taking advantage of radioactive isotopes for medical purposes, we are applying the cutting-edge results of research into diagnosis and treatment and have been performing medical education and research as a pivotal institute of Nuclear Medicine in Korea. 

 - Education Duty: educating fellows, residents, staffs, students and clinical trainees.

 - Research Duty: developing various radiopharmaceuticals and their medical applications.

 - Diagnosis & Treatment: Treating thyroid disease and cancerous disease by using radioisotopes.

 - Laboratory: Developing various kinds of in vitro assays of radioimmunoassays.


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