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Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

The roots of Seoul National University Hospital and the Department of Pulmonary Medicine of Seoul National University College of Medicine can be found in Internal Medicine 1 of the Seoul National University Medical College Internal Medicine Department, which was founded in 1946 by combining the Department of Internal Medicine of Kyungsung Imperial University and the Department of Internal Medicine of Kyungsung Medical College.

The Department of Pulmonary Medicine at Seoul National University Hospital diagnoses and treats infectious lung diseases such as pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, and non-tuberculosis mycobacterial pulmonary disease, as well as chronic airway diseases such as lung tumors, COPD and bronchiectasis, interstitial lung diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary vascular diseases such as pulmonary embolism and pulmonary hypertension, and various diseases such as pleural effusion and pneumothorax.

In addition to these, intensive care medicine, which is the diagnosis and treatment of patients with critical conditions, is an important area of Pulmonary Medicine. The Department of Pulmonary Medicine is in charge of screening and managing patients who need lung transplants due to severe respiratory diseases.

The Department of Pulmonary Medicine operates a bronchoscopy room and a pulmonary function test room, treating outpatients as well as patients in the ward and intensive care unit. In addition to endoscopy for diagnosis, various therapeutic endoscopies, thoracic ultrasounds, and thoracoscopies are also actively performed in the bronchoscopy room.

Educational programs include biweekly pulmonary group meetings for medical students, lung cancer group meetings held every Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday evening group meetings on the latest information in the field of respiratory medicine, Thursday lunch group meetings for research papers, and Friday morning group meetings for clinical papers. Every year, several residents and students from Korea and abroad visit the Department of Pulmonary Medicine for education.


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