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In the Department of Dermatology, there have been many activities governing diagnosis and treatment of skin disease, education of medical students and residents, and research in dermatologic science.

Special clinics are open through the week for psoriasis, photosensitive diseases, contact dermatitis, hair and nail disorders, skin tumors, inflammatory disease of the skin, pigmentary disorders, vesiculobullos diseases, laser therapy, acne and dermatologic surgery.

Medical student education is composed of faculty lectures and 2 week-rotations in outpatient clinics. Every week there are topic reviews, photomeetings, faculty lectures, textbook readings, histoconferences, recent journal reviews, and histomeetings with tests that take place with all faculty members and residents. Every Friday morning, all the dermatologic doctors gather in our hospital and discuss dermatologic diseases and their ongoing research.

Many of our research fellows, residents and faculty members are involved in projects in collaboration with the Clinical Research Institute of Seoul National University Hospital.


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