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Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

The department of anesthesiology and pain medicine covers not only general aspects of anesthesia but also specialized anesthesia such as cardiovascular anesthesia, transplantation anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, etc., and pain control of post-operative patients. The pain center contributes to the reduction of acute, chronic and cancer pain. The department also plays a leading role in critical care at surgical intensive care unit. The guidelines that have been established in the course of medical practice set the standards of the medical community.

 The department of anesthesiology and pain medicine puts emphasis on training residents to be the leader of the medical society through education and training, as well as giving medical treatment. The department educates medical students about the general outline and the subspecialties of anesthesia and pain medicine, and also provides the opportunity of intense learning through clinical training. We also take the reading role of the academic society by publishing scores of journals in korean and international journals.


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