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Lee, Kyoung-Min



Cognitive behavioral disorder , dementia


Education / Career

Education / Career
Article Neural substrates of semantic relationships: Common and distinct left-frontal activities for generation of synonyms vs. antonyms.
Announcements NeuroImage Date of publication 2009.11
Co-researcher Jeon HA, Lee K-M*, Kim YB, Cho ZH
Education / Career
Article The role of the right posterior parietal cortex in temporal order judgment
Announcements Brain and Cognition Date of publication 2009.03
Co-researcher Woo SH, Kim KH, Lee K-M*
Education / Career
Article EEG oscillations reflect visual short-term memory processes for the change detection in human faces.
Announcements NeuroImage Date of publication 2010.05
Co-researcher Park HD, Min BK, Lee K-M*
Education / Career
Article Impairments of syntactic comprehension in Korean and the location of ischemic stroke lesions: A voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping study.
Announcements Behavioral Neurology Date of publication 2010.01
Co-researcher Kim MJ, Jeon HA, Lee K-M*
Education / Career
Article Spatial distribution of glucose hypometabolism induced by intracerebroventricular streptozotocin in monkeys.
Announcements Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Date of publication in press
Co-researcher Heo JH, Lee SR, Lee ST, Lee K-M*, Oh JH, Jang DP, Chang KT, Cho ZH

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