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Bronchoscopy Center

Bronchoscopy Center of Seoul National University Cancer Hospital (SNUCH)

The Bronchoscopy Center is the best specialized endoscopy center in Korea for the early diagnosis, special diagnosis and therapeutic endoscopic surgery of lung cancer. Staffed by lung cancer specialists with the best experience and skills in Korea, we provide the latest information and technology on lung cancer and the best treatment. In addition, the Bronchoscopy Center has a special advanced bronchoscope for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer using cutting-edge technology and equipment, and is a specialized bronchoscopy center specially configured for the treatment of lung cancer patients.

We Provide a Patient-friendly Medical Care System

Most patients visiting the Bronchoscopy Center for the first time have questions about the procedure, and a sense of unease about the test itself. The Bronchoscopy Center provides detailed explanations of precautions and procedures before the bronchoscopy by professional medical staff and nurses. Patients can also watch videos in the waiting room to relieve their tension and anxiety. We strive to minimize patient discomfort even while waiting for an examination.

Providing the Best State-of-the-Art Bronchoscopy

The Bronchoscopy Center of SNUCH offers autofluorescence bronchoscopy and narrow-band bronchoscopy for early lung cancer diagnosis in lung cancer risk groups, and also provides endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopy, which is important for lung cancer stage diagnosis.

In addition, as a specialized therapeutic endoscopic surgery, various special treatments are available, including photodynamic therapy, laser therapy, cryotherapy, electrosurgery, balloon dilatation therapy, bronchial stent insertion therapy, endobronchial brachytherapy, and more.

World-class research-based hospital

The staff of the Bronchoscopy Center of SNUCH are promoting the advancement of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment through continuous research and clinical trials on lung cancer, and have published a number of papers in the world’s most prestigious medical journals. We are continuing our efforts to provide lung cancer patients with the opportunity to access cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment, while offering them personalized treatment.

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