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    • Seoul National University Children's Hospital
      The only national pediatric hospital in Korea with advanced technology
      Seoul National University Children's Hospital was opened as the only national pediatric hospital in Korea which focusing on special treatment for children's diseases, such as pediatric surgery.

      It consists of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and a Pediatric Emergency Room and aims to promote children's health in Korea, offering an international level of medical service with formulated education, study, and treatment, and to create a new turning point in internal medical development, through

      specialization of clinical education and fostering an environment and staff that focuses on pediatric specialization.
      Since it opened with 8 floors and an area of 5,497 pyeong, 285 beds, and the ability to treat 500 of outpatients a day, it was extended by one floor in January, 2002. In 2004, yet another extension went under construction on a children's hospital which will be finished in 2008, one year before the 20 th anniversary of the opening of Seoul National University Hospital.

      It will have a total of 5 floors to expand the convenience of treatment facilities available to patients. It will become a clean, bright, and comfortable' Seoul National University Children's Hospital, brand new with state of the art facilities and the newest medical equipment in 2008 when the remodeling and the extension work will be finished.

      Seoul National University Children's Hospital
      Children's Hospital School for Pediatric Inpatients
      Opened in July 1999 for pediatric inpatients who cannot go to school because of long-term hospital treatment, it became formally authorized in 2003 by the Ministry of Education to administer regular education courses.

      The subjects are composed from the normal school curriculum, and include English, math, music, art, and computers, with about 70 volunteers acting as teachers. The number of enrolled students currently stands at about 220 every month.
      Seoul National University Children's Hospital
      Supporter's Association for the Children's Hospital
      The Supporter's Association for the Children's Hospital was established in February 2001, and had two missions : to augment the financial support of the children's hospital, which has many difficulties due to chronic debt, and to provide support towards treatment fees for pediatric inpatients, who are suffering from economic difficulties.

      The number of members presently stands at 840 people as of May 2005.
      They provide support towards the cost of equipment for pediatric inpatients, treatment fees for pediatric inpatients faced with economic difficulties, a family camp for inpatients and their family, and physical training development costs.

      Seoul National University Children's Hospital
      Events for children inpatients
      The children's hospital conducts various events for its inpatients so that they can forget about their diseases, if only for a brief time, and giving them hope and maybe a little bit of fun.

      Such events include field trips to Chong-Wa-Dae, Children's Day party, Christmas party, numerous concerts and performances of outside groups, and the showing of animation all through the year.

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