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      "Education Resources & Development at Seoul National University Hospital
      has conducted education and training for professors, specialists, residents, students and staff since 1986, solely taking charge of medical education."

      The aim is to foster talents to be at the helm of medical advancement based on its myriad experiences and belief in creative education.

      In particular, more focus is on intensifying student internship to enhance the quality of education, awarding specialists presenting excellent dissertation and giving opportunities for outstanding specialists to study abroad.

      First of all, by actively attracting specialists from other universities, we ended up selecting 32 percent of interns (65 out of 206 from 23 universities) and 27 percent of residents (61 out of 227 from 28 universities) out of total in 2010.

      In addition, we have conducted education for medical students, and education for clinical trainees, training of primary physicians and outsourcing education to foster excellent medical practitioners. At the same time, having acquired the latest medical knowledge and techniques, state-of-the-art operation techniques and diagnosis techniques, and explored special fields, we have carried out short and long-term overseas training for adjunct professors and staff to further improve their medical service quality.

      We have also trained the latest medical techniques to outsourcing doctors and medical doctors whose service has been asked for by hospitals nationwide, playing a leading role in the hospital sector. In 2009 alone, training was extended to a total of 8,486 specialist training for 1,047, student training for 582, clinical practitioner education for 62, primary physician training for 5,955, outsourcing education for 808 and other 32 trainees. Furthermore, overseas training was offered to 70 adjunct professors and staff (including specialists).

      education situation

      Staff education aims to foster talents that would lead future healthcare amid the rapidly changing medical environment. Various forms of education and plans are underway on hospital culture, leadership competency, work competency, global competency, CS competency and special education. In particular, the existing cyber global competency education has become offline courses, and customized CS competency education for each work unit has been carried out based on patient focus and customer satisfaction.

      Education Resources & Development at Seoul National University Hospital

      seeks to achieve the vision to become a hospital fostering global leaders in medicine. To that end, we announced initiatives for Education and Culture Academy in May 2007. Accordingly, we have diagnosed the organization by forming a task force team and established a think tank by developing an organization to develop innovative measures for culture, innovating education through formation of competency-based education schemes and fostering education specialists. Not only that, education projects are underway including construction of training center to meet the needs of the specialized medical education center, training programs and providing medical information.

      In the audio-visual aspect, higher quality education is to be offered to all staff including students and specialists. To that end, various education rooms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities have been efficiently operated and managed. Six large lecture rooms including main hospital lecture rooms A, B and C, clinical pediatrics lecture rooms 1 and 2, and a clinical medical research center, the main hospital and pediatrics hospital as well as 13 small conference rooms, and two audio-visual training rooms are also available. Medical education and general staff education are underway about 8,000 times a year while latest digital equipment enables efficient medical education and general staff education. Not only that, operation rooms, lecture rooms and audio-visual rooms are connected via most advanced equipment for more vivid and real observation of surgeries or lectures.

      Annually, medical trainings and staff trainings take place over 10,000 times a year, and latest digital equipment is used to support them. In addition, equipment with latest functions is used to connect operations, lecture rooms and audio-visual rooms to vividly and realistically conduct operations or lectures while over 40 live surgeries are performed a year.

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