• break thru21(Korean Medicine for the world)
      Seoul national university hospital will enable humanity to enjoy good health in their lives by providing world-class education, research, patient care.
      01 The most trusted hospital based on the best patient care nationwide
      We will grow as the hospital most trusted by the public and medical experts alike by continuing to secure the latest technology and knowledge.
      02 A hospital that opens the door to the future of life
      We will broaden the horizons of medical research by conducting studies needed for the prolongation of healthy human life and producing unprecedented results.
      03 A hospital that trains the future leaders of world medicine
      Based on our wealth of experience and creative education, we will train leaders who can lead medical progress worldwide.
      04 A hospital that coperates with government policy to advance the health care system
      We will advance the healthcare system in Korea by cooperating with government policy.
      bestcare Clients are the reason for the existence of Seoul National University Hospital and
      we will provide services that are always reliable.
      bestcare We will create a workplace atmosphere where talented experts can do their best to realize their visions and to improve themselves.
      innovation Instead of relying on established practices, we will produce new knowledge and value by making the most of our creative passion.
      contribution Armed with a strong sense of duty to meet society's expectation we will devote our effort to humanity through the best medical services and diverse community service activities.
      partnership We will respectfully cooperate with one another and forge mutually beneficial partnerships with other related organizations.

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