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    • General parking lot fee
      Day-time 7AM~11PM bullet The first 15 minutes : free
      bullet Basic Rate : 1500 won within the first 30 minutes.
      bullet After 30minutes : 500 won for each additional 10 minutes
      Night-time 11PM~7AM bullet 500 won per hour
      Classification Free parking period Remark
      Reservation of medical treatment or payment in themiddle of hospitalization or medical treatment 1hr Hospital ID Card




      Treatment Receipt
      Day of medical treatment, examination, and discharge from hospital.
      Visiting patients hospitalized in a single room(1car)
      The day of medical treatment plus hospitalization 6hrs
      Special examination (Bone scan, laparoscope operation,examination of nucleus medicine, daytime ward andbloodtumor)
      Patient visiting 2 departments for medical treatment(outpatient)
      Emergency Center, PET, Polysomnography, Gamma Knife,Health Improvement Center, Hemodialysis, surgerypatients, day of hospitalization and patients being discharged. 24hrs
      (One day)
      For any problems or inconvenience while using the parking area, please call this number.
      Tel. 82 - 2 - 2072 - 0505

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  • 101, DAEHAK-RO JONGNO-GU, SEOUL 03080, Rep. of KOREA
    International Healthcare Center 
    82-2-2072-0505 / Mobile Tel. 82-10-8831-2890 (Emergency Only)

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