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    • Visiting hours
      General patients' room Weekdays 16:00-21:00
      Saturday 13:00-21:00
      Holidays and Sunday 09:00-21:00
      Intensive Care Unit Surgical Intensive Care Unit 10:00-10:30
      Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 10:00-10:30
      Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 13:00-14:00
      Please keep to the visiting hours for the patient's stability and treatment.
      Is it possible for a person who is under 15 years old to visit an inpatient?
      It is prohibited due to the concerns of infection.
      What should I be careful of when visiting a patient's room in the Children's Hospital?
      The hospital requests that those who visit a patient's room in the Children's Hospital
      remain outside the room as much as possible to ensure the health of children
      who may have a weakened immune system.
      Are flowers allowed to be taken to patients?
      Flowers are prohibited in the patient's room due to the risk of infection
      and/or allergic reaction.
      How can patients make a request for caregivers?
      Patients can make a request for caregivers directly by the inter-hospital phone
      (ext. number 3524.)
      Is it possible to visit transplant patients?
      Transplant patients are sensitive to infection because their immune systems
      are repressed. Therefore, they are restricted from visitors. Visits are especially
      prohibited for those who have cold symptoms or any other diseases.

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