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    • Introduction and Information
      Due to an increase in the frequency of emergency situations such as various kinds of accidents, cerebrovascular disease and heart disease which require prompt treatment, the Seoul National University Hospital Emergency Center was designated as only regional emergency medical center for the Seoul metropolitan area on July 1, 2000 through the "Emergency Medical Treatment Act," which was established in 1994 and amended in 2000, to provide adequate services to patients who are in need of emergency medical treatment.

      The construction of the Emergency Medical Center , which provides the highest-quality emergency medical services for 14 million Seoul citizens, was completed on April 28, 2004, after 3 years of renovation and approximately 10 billion won in total construction expenses.

      SNU Hospital operates a world-class emergency medical center, providing the highest level of medical service from top-class medical staff, including 24-hour on-site emergency medicine specialists, interventional radiology specialists, orthopedic specialists and cardiology specialists. We present a new model for emergency medical treatment in Korea by operating the Seoul Emergency Medical Information Center, education and training emergency medical professionals, preparing for disaster counter-measures, and instituting an emergency treatment network system with other hospitals for radiation emergencies.
      Medical Treatment Information
      1 When a patient comes to the Emergency Center , he/she will be first treated at the preliminary examination room to see if he/she needs to be treated at the Emergency Center . If the results of the preliminary examination show that the patient does not require emergency treatment, we assist the patient in making an appointment at the outpatient department or show him/her to the relevant medical department, which can take care of the problem. It is important to note that once you make an appointment, it cannot be cancelled. So, if you come to the Emergency Center for a slight problem, please let us know before you make an appointment and we will assist you with the treatment you need.
      2 Depending on the patient's condition, we carry out first aid and various medical examinations, taking the necessary appropriate measures. If needed, we will also request a joint-examination with relevant medical departments.
      3 At the Emergency Center, we do not treat patients on a first come, first served basis. The priority for treatment is decided by the severity of the patient.
      Directions (Map) and Contact numbers
      Hyehwa Station Blue Line (No4) Exit 3
      Main number of hospital (+82-2) 2072 - 2114
      Direct telephone of on-duty specialists (82)13-0484-0025  (Powertel number 25 inside the hospital)
      Office of the Emergency Medicine Department (82-2)2072-3257
      Fax (INT.82-2)741-7855 (Dom.02)741-7855

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  • 101, DAEHAK-RO JONGNO-GU, SEOUL 03080, Rep. of KOREA
    International Healthcare Center 
    82-2-2072-0505 / Mobile Tel. 82-10-8831-2890 (Emergency Only)

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