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    • Basic Program
      Designed for adults who are at the age of 20 or above for the purpose of preventing adult related diseases and diagnosing in its early stage.
      Health Plan Program
      Comprehensive health screening program designed for the early diagnosis of cancer, cardiovascular disease, disease that are often found in adults, allergic disease, dental disease and other diseases that often related to aging process (asthma, cerebrovascular, prostate disease) through 3 years.
      Intensive Program
      Including all the Basic Program test items, these are special health screening programs designed for specific diseases or organs, major cancers, brain, heart, respiratory, allergy, gynecology and marriage preparation.
      Premium Program
      As the most extensive and intensive health screening program, the customer may get the fully completed check-up without pain and get more accurate early diagnosis of various cancers and other diseases by general body CT scan, MRI or PET.
      Partners Premiere CEO Program
      Developed together with Partner��s Healthcare System of Harvard Medical School Educating School alliance, Partners Premiere CEO Program is the comprehensive and professional systems for protecting and betterment of health of the patients. This integrated customized professional healthcare for continuous 24-hours health guide from specialized physician for the individual patient and health manager (Annual membership only)
      Specialized Program
      Specialized programs have been designed to examine specific organs or areas such as heart, stroke, preventing dementia, PET cancer, disease related to women, prostate gland and others.
      Focused Program
      This specialized program provides the reorganized customized programs based on the previous recommended test from Gangnam Center by physicians through consultation from the Health Planer.

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