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    • Admission Procedures
      Patients must be referred by an SNUH physician in order to obtain admission documents. Afterwards, an appointment for admission will be made with an IHC staff.
      1-3 days prior to the admission day the following completed documents must be submitted to the Administration Department on the 2nd floor of the Hospital's Main Building.
      bullet Doctor's Recommendation
      bullet Admission Consent Form
      bullet Hospital ID Card
      bullet Proof of Korean Medical Insurance coverage and sufficient funds are required.
      bullet Receipt of Paid Deposit
      bullet Please tell us about your inpatient room type - private, semi-private or shared room.
      bullet On Admission Day it is advisable that the patient bring the following items:
        - - -
      Plastic water cup and water bottle
      Plastic slippers (for the Bathroom)
      Shower Kit consisting of toothbrush and toothpaste, disposable tissues, bath towels and other sundries for personal grooming 


      Please note that all of these products can be purchased from Hospital Services for a small fee or are available at the basement market below the Children's Hospital or at the upermarket in the main building lobby.
      On your admission day, please visit the International Healthcare Center, then we will take you to the 2nd floor for the admission procedure.

      After the admission procedure, we will guide you to your room and nurse station.
      In your ward, we will explain about your ward facilities such as the location of the emergency alarm, water purifier, how to use your bed and the direction to the nurse station.

      Discharge Procedures
      bullet Patients must be confirmed by an SNUH physician in order to be discharged from the hospital.
      bullet We will explain and help you with your discharge process including medication, your next plans, payment and etc.
      bullet When you need a receipt in English, please tell the IHC staff and we will prepare it for you.
      Guidance for Inpatients
      Guide download

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