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    • Korean National Health Insurance Holders
      The clients covered by the Korean National Health Insurance Program (NHI) should bring a referral from a local doctor, or else they will have to meet the Family Medicine Doctor first in IHC (International Healthcare Center) as per the NHI guidelines state.

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      Direct Billing Service(Cashless Service)
      For Private Insurance Holders
      We have contracts with the agencies (or assistance company) below.
      : INT'L SOS, Tricare (121), Embassies,CIGNA, GAP, Vanbreda International, UB Care, Daman etc.

      Please contact your insurance company to get a GOP (Guarantee of Payment) letter prior to your appointment.

      If your insurance company does not have a contract with this hospital, you have to pay the bill by yourself first and claim back to your insurance company later.

      For more information about private insurance, please contact IHC.
      Payment method
      You can pay with cash or credit card.
      When you pay by credit card, you can choose the currency, either Korean won or dollars
      When you become hospitalized, you should deposit 90% or more of your estimated inpatient cost.
      Medications prescribed from the outpatient clinic are usually not included in the outpatient bill. Thus, you should buy prescribed medicine at the pharmacy outside of the hospital.

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